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Affordable Home Decor

Affordable Home Decor Insider Secrets: 6 Great Places to Shop for BEAUTIFUL Budget-Friendly Home Decor

Affordable Home Decor Insider Secrets: 6 Great Places to Shop for BEAUTIFUL Budget-Friendly Home Decor

Listen, friends: Don’t purchase another home decor item until you read this post!

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 1,000 times before: WHERE did you get THAT?!?!

Affordable Home Decor Insider Secrets: 6 Great Places to Shop for BEAUTIFUL Budget-Friendly Home Decor image

Friendly Disclaimer: You need to know that I consider it my interior design superpower to find BEAUTIFUL, affordable home decor items that look like they cost a million bucks… but don’t.

You see, my struggle as one of the principals at HER Staging & Interiors LLC is that when people think of hiring an interior designer, they immediately clutch their purses.

People think hiring an interior designer is too expensive - but the HER team is here to make it affordable for everyone. Click To Tweet

Affordable, but NOT CHEAP

Now let’s get something straight – “affordable” does NOT mean cheap.

We are not here to sell you cheap stuff that isn’t worth your time and hard-earned money.

Our goal is to design FUNCTIONAL spaces filled with quality home furnishings that are BEAUTIFUL to live in and among, but do not break the bank. Yes, I know interior design is considered a LUXURY service, but trust me friends, the interior design services we offer don’t need your grandmother’s inheritance check to cover the bill.

Our team of degreed interior designers and credentialed decorators take pride in offering our clients affordable, functional, BEAUTIFUL interior design and home staging services.

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To prove just how much we love what we do, we’re going to share some interior design INSIDER SECRETS on how to find budget-friendly home decor that makes you the envy of your friends.

Let’s start with where to shop.

6 Great Places to Shop for BEAUTIFUL Budget-Friendly Home Decor

As I mentioned earlier, the HER team is a diverse group interior designers, decorators, and home stagers; and while we have our specialties, we’re ALL AWESOME at one thing:


We spend countless hours sourcing the perfect budget-friendly items for our clients and we’re excited to share some insider details with you.

First Stop: HER Chic Home

But of course, the first stop on our tour of affordable home decor items is HER Chic Home!

Our design team is constantly on the hunt to curate elegant, cost-effective home furnishings and decor items for you. We mostly sell items we’ve installed in home staging projects, interior design installations or residential remodeling jobs. We select these items because we’ve experienced them first-hand and so you can see them in a finished scene. 

Check out this lightly finished and richly burnished rustic wall mirror. The floret carved wood overlay reflects the beauty of rustically refined style and fits in your affordable home decor budget for just $229 from

We strive to bring you the best quality, on-trend pieces and pricing that’ll save you from “the talk” with your significant other later.

Next in line: Home Goods/TJ Maxx

We LOVE Home Goods/TJMaxx for home accessories, wall art and lighting (table and floor lamps).

In our experience, the BEST time to shop there is early in the week during the morning hours. We find they typically stock their shelves on Mondays and if you can get there when the store opens or before the evening rush, you can find some really nice pieces priced right for your home and your pocketbook.

Now, Home Goods is not a store where you can hesitate on what you want. Often, the items there are one-of-a-kind for that store and when it’s gone – it’s GONE. So if you like it, put in your cart and BUY.

Affordable Home Decor Tip: When shopping at @HomeGoods, go early in the week and early in the day. Check behind shelved items and don't hesitate on your purchase. Items go FAST. Click To Tweet

Another point of advice – look BEHIND what’s on the front of the shelf. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found a hidden treasure behind something I wasn’t looking for at Home Goods. This is one of those stores where you need to go alone (or with a fellow shop-a-holic) and plan to spend some time there. Move the items on the shelves around to make sure you’re getting a look at everything available.

Design Insider’s Tip: Get the APP to shop what’s in your local store BEFORE you head out. HomeGoods has an app they use to post photos of new items that come into local stores. This way, all you need to do is set your favorite location, and you can get a sneak peek at what’s in the store before you go.

From there, we go to World Market

If Bohemian or Shabby Chic is your style, World Market is your place! We shop there for unique affordable home decor, textiles and extremely well-made furniture. They have GREAT sales and lovely pieces like these interior design trends for 2018.


This Gray And White Fabric Camila Tote Basket is oh-so-CUTE! A must-have for your Boho-style 2018 home decor shopping list.

Gray and White Fabric Camila Tote Basket by World Market

This Gold Armillary Sphere in gold, metallic sitting on the desk in your mate’s home office will win you points from them AND your designer.

Gold Armillary Sphere - Brass by World MarketWorld Market gets shipments TWICE A WEEK, so if there’s something that you want and it’s not immediately in stock, be sure to ask your sales person when the next shipment is coming in. You might get lucky and get it the next day.

Design Insider’s Tip: Save BIG by joining their Explorer Rewards Program. You can save 15 percent on your next purchase after you complete your profile online. (That ink blue Samara sofa is a bargain at $599, but with an additional $90 off? That’s what we call bargain shopping.) Plus, you’ll get discount coupons and alerts sent right to your phone. Wahoo!

Blue Ink Samara Sofa by World Market

Hobby Lobby is next on the shopping tour

Great for crafts and all things floral, Hobby Lobby is our store of choice for unique pieces of wall art, metal accessories and home decor items for the table.

Geometrics are another 2018 interior design trend

you’ll see prevalent in affordable home decor. Check out this charming piece of wall art constructed of several tones of wood arranged in a beautiful diamond pattern.

Also grab colorful orbs, knots and cute baskets to set in the middle of your coffee table for pop of color in the room.

Design Insider’s Tip: 40% OFF! You can always get 40% off at least one item at Hobby Lobby. Visit their website to print off the coupon for your next trip.

Hobby Lobby Geometric Wall ArtNo shopping tour would be complete without Target

Admittedly, I have personally spent more dollars at Target than I have in ANY other store in my ENTIRE life. But that being said, from an affordable home decor perspective, Target is THEE place for affordable TRENDY finds that fit everyone’s budget and interior decor style preference.

When shopping @Target, be SURE to check to the end caps for super-sized discounts on home decor items. Click To TweetWhen shopping Target, be SURE to check to the end caps for super-sized discounts. End caps are the shelves at the end of aisles, and they are often filled with choice items marked WAY down. Check the endcaps facing the walls, not the main walking aisles, for the best deals and look for CLEARANCE signs. Many of these items have been marked down from 15 to 70%!

Taking our own advice, we headed out to Target to grab the items for our upcoming mini gallery wall in-store project. We were so excited to find all of the items we needed for the project at Target last week on-trend and under $10 each.

Affordable Finds_ Gallery Wall- Target

Stay tuned for a video on how to create a mini gallery wall using affordable home decor finds from Target coming soon!

Design Insider’s Tip: The best days to shop affordable home decor at Target are Wednesdays and Thursdays. Why? Because those are the days when Target does its markdowns in furniture, housewares, and decor.

Last but certainly not least, affordable shopping sleeper pick: Home Depot

Yep, we’re serious. Home Depot is on our list for affordable items for your chic home, and we don’t just mean paint.

Here’s an example: All covered in gray linen, including a wraparound baseboard with cleverly combined subtle contouring, softened right angles and a subdued gray hue this bed fit for a queen whispers understated sophistication in a discount dialect. At less than $350, it makes our list of affordable finds!

Marquesa Transitional Gray Fabric Upholstered Queen Size Bed

And mirrors… you know we LOVE our mirrors! We picked up this hot little starburst jewel at Home Depot for just over $100. Now that’s a deal you can’t afford to miss.

Metal Beaded Mirror

Home Depot Designer Insider’s Tip: Shop home decor items online before heading into the store. Because the store is packed with goods, you may not physically find the home decor items you want IN the store. You can shop online and have the items delivered FREE to the store… or directly to your home.

Honorable Mentions: Kirkland’s and Pier 1

Honorable mentions for affordable home decor shopping go to Pier 1 Imports and Kirkland’s.

Pier 1 Imports is one of my all-time favorite stores to shop for interior decor of all price ranges, but you can catch some awesome deals there if you know when to go and where to look. That’s why they get an honorable mention.

Bright, bold colors are high on the list of interior design trends

this year and Pier 1 does not disappoint in this department. We love their throw pillows, wall art and wonderfully scented candles. And have you checked out their glimmer strings? You can weave them through wreaths and centerpieces, or string along banisters and trees, indoors and in covered outdoor areas to add extra sparkle.


Midnight Velvet Beaded Peacock Pillow from Pier 1

Pier 1 Glimmer Strings

Pier 1’s Glimmer Strings add extra sparkle where you want it in your home

If Farmhouse is your style, you’ve got a home at Kirkland’s. They have a TON of affordable farmhouse style decor and you can PIN TO WIN discounts on their decor items. Get the Kirklands app on your phone because you must spin EACH time you go in; however, if you subscribe with them you can get coupons like 10% off your purchase, 20% off, $10 off $50, $20 off $100, etc.

One of the last interior design trends for 2018 we will discuss today is VINTAGE signs turned into wall art. Typography is back in a big way. Expect to see plenty of framed art pieces like the popular one with the word “EAT” over the stove in a kitchen. 

Farmhouse Wall Decor "Gather" Kirklands

Farmhouse Wall Decor “Gather” Kirkland’s

Let HER do the Shopping for You

If you’ve enjoyed our post, but shopping is just NOT for you, let us do it for you!

Our team of expert interior design and home decor shoppers will create a personalized shopping list designed to meet your decor style and budget.

The best part is you can not only enjoy the fruits of our labor in your newly styled home, you can take advantage of our trade discounts at more than 50 different stores around the world!

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Keianna Rae Harrison, a busy mother of two little guys age 4 and 6, leads the interior design team as a principal with HER Home Design LLC. A residential interior designer and home stager specializing in affordable interior design and home staging, Keianna Rae often says her interior design “superpower” is finding BEAUTIFUL home decor items at affordable prices. She enjoys making the world more beautiful one space at a time. Keianna Rae has a passion for real estate investing and revitalizing communities. In her spare time, she’s an interior design blogger at and enjoys karate and Latin dancing.

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  1. Melinda

    Love this post!! TJ Maxx and Pier 1 are my top 2 favorite places for home decor. I am never disappointed by their pricing. I like you sense of style and yor ability to find decor items that have and maintain a good quality. I’ll be checking your website out for future purchases!

    • Keianna Rae

      Yay! We’re SO glad you enjoyed the article and the things you see here. We’d love to help you decorate your home on a budget for sure.

  2. Gladys parker

    I absolutely love the Gold Armillary Sphere. It would look so wonderful in my little corner of my room known as my office. The wall mirror would offset my picture frames in my living room perfectly. So many cool things.

  3. Brittany @ Leaving Gringolandia

    TJMaxx is like a home decor treasure chest for me! This is an amazing list–I just wish I had known about a lot of these places while I was living in my college apartment. Now that I live abroad, it’s so difficult to get things from the stores I love!

  4. Heather

    I love our style. I need to do more around our house. Right now I’m working on perfecting the guest room first, then all other areas will come later. I love that dining area that says gather. I just love that!

  5. Elizabeth O

    There are some really affordable and great ideas here. I particularly like the glimmer string lights, they are so cute and would lovely dotted around any home! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Victoria Heckstallg

    oh my, this is amazing. I am fascinated with home decors and as much as possible I would have it as a budget-friendly. My wish came true, this is something that I really need.

  7. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thanks for sharing these great finds. I know I have a lot of re-organizing to do and we have a bathroom remodel in the works right now. When we’re done with that, I am doing a major living room revamp. Nothing expensive or out of budget. Just a few decors, storage bins and throws would be enough. I’d probably look at pretty lighting fixtures too.

  8. Cheryl

    Love this post but unfortunately I’m from the UK and we don’t have any of these stores here – I am extremely disappointed we don’t have target especially! Although I we do have Tk maxx which is the TJ maxx UK equivalent and I absolutely love their homeware – so many bargains! This is a great post – I really enjoyed reading it

  9. Our Family World

    The glimmer lights and the beaded peacock pillow look like they will be my first purchase. Oh my, they look so pretty! I am sure they will give any room an added “oomph!”

  10. Becca Wilson

    I have always thought that designing my home with decor would cost way too much. Thank you for setting my mind at ease that it doesn’t have to!

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