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Home Staging Sells

Home Staging Sells: HER 5 Best Home Staging Tips for 2018

Staging Sells Homes HER Home Staging

Staging and styling credit: HER Staging & Interiors LLC

 Home Staging Sells: HER 5 Best Home Staging Tips for 2018

Home Staging Sells Homes. A STAGED home is a SOLD home.

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words…”

This mantra couldn’t apply more to homeowners searching online for their next dream home.

Real estate buying trends show that more than 90% of homebuyers start their search online, with photos serving as their first impression.

Pre-approved buyers with cash-in-hand, ready to make the BIG purchase set aside time with their families to hop online and surf the web for their dream home.

Beautiful photos of a striking home that’s well-designed, decorated to appeal to your mass market and priced appropriately will welcome buyer offers that come flooding in.

Selling your home this year? When your agent prepares your listing what words will your home’s photos online conjure up in the minds of would-be buyers?

Hopefully not the words: Empty or vacant.

Did you know? Only 10% of people can visualize what a space would look like furnished, while the other 90% cannot imagine how their furnishings would look in a vacant home.

A Confused Mind Does Not Act

A wise man once told me, “A confused mind doesn’t buy…”

This is likely why a home that is beautiful and priced accordingly – but vacant – gets plenty of showings, but no offers for weeks or even months.

If you’re planning to sell your home in 2018, listing it with photos of bare or sparsely furnished rooms will definitely cost you TIME on the market and MONEY out of your pocket.

Home Staging Sells Homes

You’ve got to stage your home to sell it fast. Home staging sells homes.

At HER Staging & Interiors, we always tell our clients, “Price brings interest. Staging brings offers.”

“Price brings interest… Staging brings offers.”

It’s been noted that buyers will stay in a vacant home an average of just 5 minutes but they will linger in a staged home an average of 40 minutes. The more time a buyer spends in the home increases the likelihood that they will present an offer.

Staging a home is about highlighting its best features and inspiring buyers to make an emotional connection by imagining THEMSELVES living there, and you’ve got 8-10 seconds to make an emotional impact on a buyer once they walk through the door.

You’ve got 8-10 seconds to make an emotional impact on a buyer once they walk through your door. Click To Tweet

HER 5 Best Home Staging Tips for 2018

We’re going to help you make the most of those eight short seconds with our top 5 best tips for staging a home to sell FAST in 2018:


Our number tip starts with our number one client – YOU. You must first physically, mentally and most importantly emotionally DETACH from the home you wish to sell, or you WILL NOT SELL it fast.

Think of it this way: when prospective buyers walk into the home you intend to sell, do you want them to feel like they’re coming to visit your home or coming to buy THEIR next new home?

Depersonalizing means putting away ALL the family photos, memorabilia, figurines and trinkets. It may even mean painting your daughter’s favorite teal colored walls a neutral greige (you can read more about our 2018 interior design trends here).

Interior Design Quick Tip: When selling your home replace family photos with mirrors and simplistic art and decor. Click To Tweet
Home Staging Sells Francene Mirror by Apt2B

Francene Mirror by Apt2B

Shimmering Gold Mosaic 5x7 Photo Frame Home Staging Sells

Shimmering Gold Mosaic 5×7 Photo Frame from Pier 1

Gray Distressed Gather Wooden Script Plaque by Kirklands Home Staging Sells

Gray Distressed Gather Wooden Script Plaque by Kirklands

Mirrors always make the room look larger and brighter, plus a few simple home décor items allow the buyer to visualize their own space.


In other words, MOVE YOUR STUFF!

Empty out closets, bookshelves, overstuffed kitchen junk drawers, pantries, coat closets, garages and any other area of your home that it takes a hip bump or a back shove to get closed because it’s overflowing.

Prospective buyers open doors and drawers when they go on house tours. They’re looking to see if their stuff will fit. And if your things are stuffed to the gills, they begin to think the house is too small. They get frazzled and won’t make an offer.

Remember, if you’ve followed our advice, you’ve depersonalized, so it only makes sense to start the moving process early and get the jump on packing up your home for the big move.

Along the lines of decluttering is a DEEP CLEAN. White-glove clean your home to impress by making sure to scrub the walls of stains and scuffs (Mr. Clean Magic Eraser works wonders for this task), remove the pet hair from the furniture, wipe the water stains from shower doors and use an odor neutralizer like these Activated Bamboo Deodorizer Natural, Air Purifying Bags, Dehumidifier, Odor Absorber, Odor Neutralizer for Home.

Did you know? The International Association of Home Staging Professionals (IAHSP) noted staged homes have sold on average in as little as 11 days for 17% more than non-staged homes.

Tip #3 – Put Your Best Foot Forward

Yes, you should spruce your house up before you list it, but don’t overdo it.

As a stager and interior designer, I’ll be the first to say a little bit of paint goes a LONG way.

Some white caulk and white paint around the baseboard trim is a quick way to make an older home feel new again. Carry that caulk into the bathrooms around the sinks for a bathroom makes prospective buyers swoon.

A couple of fresh coats of a neutral paint color like Sherwin Williams Sea Salt (SW 6204) in a bathroom brightens the space and gives the décor an updated look.

Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt Bathroom

Photo credit:

If you’re feeling extra saucy and want to make a lasting buyer impression, you could go as far as adding a bit of color on an accent wall in a bedroom or living room.

One of our favorite interior design trends for 2018 is all about splashes of intense color.

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color of the Year – Caliente

home staging sells

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year – Oceanside

Interior Design Quick Tip: Try colors like Benjamin Moore’s 2018 redhead Caliente (AF-290) or Sherwin Williams Color of the Year Oceanside (SW 6496) to show your new buyers some style.

Tip #4 – Go BIG or Stay Home

Do not. I repeat – do NOT sprinkle one-off, random pieces of furniture and art around your house and call it staged.

That is not staged.

It’s odd…

And for a buyer, it’s unsightly, unsettling and just plain wrong.

Go big and take the plunge to hire an expert to stage the most common rooms in your home: entryway, kitchen, living room, master bedroom, all the baths and any other “multi-purpose” room. 

Staging is all or nothing… And we know what happens when you choose nothing.

Interested in how much it costs to stage your home? Click {here} for more information.

Did You Know? The majority of real estate professionals believe staging increases the sale price of the home anywhere from 1 to 15 percent.

It’s true. Home staging sells homes FAST and for more money.

Staging costs LESS than your first price drop

Tip #5 – Scrap the carpet

If you’re able, you should replace old, dirty carpets with new solid surface flooring like Home Decorators Collection EIR Radcliffe Aged Hickory Laminate or TrafficMASTER Khaki Oak Dark Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring available at Home Depot.

Did you know? Staged homes sold 81% faster than non-staged homes according to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).

TrafficMASTER Khaki Oak Dark Luxury Vinyl Plank

TrafficMASTER Khaki Oak Dark Luxury Vinyl Plank available at Home Depot

This type of flooring is trendy, adds value to your home and is a breeze to maintain for your new buyer. Throw on a few area rugs in strategic places and you’ve got yourself a brand new home.

Selling your home in 2018 is all about having the right people and plans in place so you put your best foot forward the day your home hits the market.

A great real estate broker and an expert staging team will help you apply the best home staging tips so your home sells fast.

Happy staging! 

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Keianna Rae Harrison, a busy mother of two little guys age 4 and 6, leads the interior design team as a principal with HER Home Design LLC. A residential interior designer and home stager specializing in affordable interior design and home staging, Keianna Rae often says her interior design “superpower” is finding BEAUTIFUL home decor items at affordable prices. She enjoys making the world more beautiful one space at a time. Keianna Rae has a passion for real estate investing and revitalizing communities. In her spare time, she’s an interior design blogger at and enjoys karate and Latin dancing.

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  1. Morgan

    As someone who is in the process of looking to buy a home for the first time…I can definitely say that these are all the things I look for in a house. It’s so true that a beautifully staged home will attract offers! Now…if only once I buy a home it will stay this beautiful!

  2. Marysa

    While I’m not selling my home, I have been looking for ways to make my home more presentable this year. I am feeling the need to purge, declutter, have cleaner spaces! I love those neutral, earthy colors.

  3. Shell

    I absolutely appreciate these tips to prep my house to put on the market! I’m actually putting my house on the market in the next year so this is very helpful.

  4. Yulan

    We bought our house just over a year ago and the points you bring up make a lot of sense. I especially noticed when homes felt untidy and cluttered… It definitely didn’t give me a homey feeling!

  5. Tifanee

    These are all such great tips! I completely agree with #4. When we were selling to re-buy a few years ago we saw a couple houses that this had been done in and it definitely made for uncomfortable viewing! These are all tips our realtor suggested to us for selling too.

  6. Er. Arbab Khan

    Nice article.
    keep it up.

  7. Brandi

    Great tips! Home staging seems so fun. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cassie |White Sands and Cool Breezes

    This is a great resource! I love playing around on line looking at homes and I definitely agree, the ones they have furniture and/ or have a cohesive look are much more appealing than the ones that are empty.

  9. Jenn

    I can see how staging a home can really help sell it. We didn’t do anything and our house sold pretty quick, but I know that is far from always the case.

  10. Leah

    These are really great ideas. We aren’t selling our home just yet. However, I love these ideas for my home now. Especially the Sherwin Williams color of year used for the interior doors. What a clever idea!

  11. Ashley

    We bought a home a few years ago. Let me tell you, I saw so many crazy things in homes! Most people did literally nothing to prepare for buyers. Lucky for them, my husband and I have a good eye for looking past the stuff, dirty carpet, and ugly wall colors people had in their homes, but a lot of people aren’t. It’s hard to picture yourself in a messy space, so these tips are perfect!

  12. April Kitchens

    Good home staging will make you want to buy the home and the furniture in it! I have been to a few open houses and I wanted everything in there!

  13. jhilmil

    Well, we are not into selling mode but then some of these tips can be used to make a room more better. Its so true that most people cannot determine how their furnishings would look in an empty hall and thus sometimes they make blunder accessing things.

  14. Ali Rost

    A few years ago when my husband and I decided to sell our house we debated back and forth about hiring somebody to help us stage it. In the end, we decided to and I think it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The hardest part, for me, was depersonalizing the house because I missed all of our mementos, but in the end, it all paid off. x

  15. Joely Smith

    I love this article! I am so interested in home staging and have thought of doing it as a side job! My mother is awesome at it and I have told her she should do it! I also think the curb appeal staging is fun too. Your tips are excellent and I agree with all of them. My favorite tip is to scrap the carpet!

  16. inbar shahak

    I almost clicked “I want a chic home” button without selling it just for your beautiful photos and great tips, loved the quote “confused mind doesn’t purchase” you are so right about the old carpet, it is almost impossible to sell a home with them

  17. kavita

    Thanks for sharing these tips… Sometimes we need to hire professionals to do remodeling in our house to get a better price. But you made our job easier by sharing this post.

  18. Mommy Jhy

    I would need this post once my condominium goes on rent!

  19. Renata Green

    These are certainly very interesting and wise recommendations if you have a house to sell – which I have not since I’m pumping all my income into travelling. Therefore I’ll probably never be in the lucky position to wonder how to sell property 😉

  20. Bites for Foodies

    These are definitely some excellent! There’s a lot of effort and thought put into staging a home…my friend does it as a side job and I hear her tell me all the time!

  21. Cristina

    Great tips for those wanting to sell a home! I rent at the moment but whenever I have a little browse I like somewhere light, clean and de-cluttered

  22. Lisa

    These are very helpful tips. I am a bit of a neat freak so the house is usually quite tidy.. We have moved more times than I can count. Moving definitely helps us purge extra stuff we don’t need, and get a fresh start. Saving this for the next move!.

  23. Katherine

    We spent ages trying to sell out first house. We literally had over 80 people come round to view. Everyone “loved it”, yet nobody bought it… so frustrating. In the end, I painted out all the bold colors, decluttered as you said and when we put it back on the market the first person that saw it bought it. It really was that simple… we felt like such idiots for not doing it before!

  24. Nadalie Bardowell

    I can totally see why it is very important to make a house look very presentable, especially when you have interested buyers. Staging the house to please a large crowd is key whether it’s an open house or via online. I think you’re absolutely right, it would be harder to visualize where someone’s personal stuff would go in an empty house for some its easier to have it staged.

  25. Lynn Woods

    My parents are Real Estate Brokers and I always remember my Mom trying to get her clients to put away their personal belongings. There were many times it didn’t work and everything was left out. It wasn’t until we started looking at and bought our home last year that I realized how I wish they would put their personal stuff away!

  26. Marie Gizelle

    How I would like our home to look like it’s staged even though we’re not selling. 😀 I agree, a well staged home attracts buyers and would definitely sell higher…great tips!

  27. Ali Rost

    A couple of years ago my husband and I sold our house. We debated long and hard about hiring someone to come in and help us stage it. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. The house looked wonderful and sold in just a couple of weeks. The hardest part, by far was decluttering, but we powered through. x

  28. Lynne

    Great tips for moving, along with decluttering for spring!

  29. Ankit Agarwal

    thats a great advice. In fact I am just experiencing the same first hand. We moved to a new home and were trying to sell our old one for quite some time now. someone suggested staging . we had to invest some time as well as money but it was well worth the effort.

  30. Wendy

    These are great tips! I couldn’t agree more. Staging makes all the difference.

  31. Sarmistha Goswami

    I am new to the concept of Home Staging and now that I learnt about it, it totally makes sense to me to stage a home before selling. It definitely can attract buyers a lot faster because it’d look more interesting and welcoming when done up. Do the buyers get to keep the furniture that are used while home staging too?

  32. Msddah

    Great home staging tips … will share with my friends in real estate. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Stephanie Sherlock

    These are great ideas for staging a home. When I was helping my mom find a home, finding an empty house was a big turn off especially when it was not clean or repainted. It really accentuated everything that was not perfect and needed to be replaced or repaired.

  34. Laura Dove

    This is all such good advice! I think replacing carpets is a great tip! We looked at houses that had old worn carpets and although they can be replaced, it did put us off! The house we eventually bought had oak floors throughout and it was a huge selling point!

  35. Surekha

    Wow! What an amazing post. I am actually in the haunt of a house. Clean carpet is definitely the first thing I see after the floor plan.

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