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Home Decor: Bold Colors

Color Crush: How to Use Color in Home Decor

Navy Blue Home DecorThe use of a great paint color in home decor and design is clearly one of the most important features in a well-done space.

Color is not only pleasing to the eye, but studies have shown that color can actually evoke different moods and feelings, and when I design spaces, I love for my clients to feel just as good as their room looks.

For instance, turquoise is said to stimulate feelings of stability and peace, while yellow can be an uplifting hue that promotes optimism and happiness.

Color Rules: 60-30-10

So let’s chat a bit about color. Ever heard of the 60-30-10 rule?

This timeless interior design practice tells us that when decorating a particular room, you should divide the colors into percentages:
60% of a dominant color
30% of a secondary color
10% of an accent color

The 60% + 30% + 10% proportion gives balance to the colors used in any space.

Your 60% is the main color for your room, for instance the walls. The next 30% is the secondary color like a sofa or any upholstery and finally 10% as an accent. I sometimes add two 10% accent colors for extra flair.

Keep this guideline in mind as we go through this article.

Go Big. Go Bright. Go BOLD.

According to HER Staging & Interiors vendor Sherwin Williams, “Blue colors are known to have calming effects when lighter versions are used so it is perfect for a space where you want to retreat and relax. Blue can also be energetic when bright tones are used and contrasted with white or yellow. Blue used alone is usually not the best color for a kitchen but in any other space you can make it work.”

Sherwin Williams Drizzle PaintOne of my favorite colors in the blue family is turquoise. See how Sherwin Williams’ Drizzle shown in the photo on the left?

And check out how I used a pretty bright shade of blue on the ceiling area of a lanai (photo below). It’s complemented by the brown and creamy white in the ceiling fan, but still makes a statement as a bold, bright color.


Bold paint colors with neutral

Using bright colors in your space can be as bold as painting an entire room or as simple as placing a few key decor pieces around your space.

If you have a favorite shade, don’t be intimidated to try it in your home design. Even if you fancy bright bold colors, it is easy to incorporate them and you will find pleasure by enjoying it in your surroundings.

Not So Neutral.

The use of neutrals in home decor is also equally as important. Neutral colors can help the design to be less “fussy” as well as help with the ability to be versatile with your other decor choices.

Neutral colors do not have to be boring beige. Subtle shades of blues, greens and aquas can also be used as a neutral.

Sherwin Williams French Gray

Grey is also the hottest trend in neutral colors for walls. You can find everything from deep, rich charcoal gray to soft icy grey. Check out this Classic French Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Black is BACK!

And dare I say it, but don’t be afraid of BLACK!

Black and white can also be used in almost any design style from vivid modern to traditional cabana stripes. You can think of a black wall as the equivalent of the little black dress: It takes many forms and can really shine when paired with the proper accessories.

Whatever pigment delights your eye, take a risk and try incorporating it into your home design.

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Keianna Rae Harrison, a busy mother of two little guys age 4 and 6, leads the interior design team as a principal with HER Home Design LLC. A residential interior designer and home stager specializing in affordable interior design and home staging, Keianna Rae often says her interior design “superpower” is finding BEAUTIFUL home decor items at affordable prices. She enjoys making the world more beautiful one space at a time. Keianna Rae has a passion for real estate investing and revitalizing communities. In her spare time, she’s an interior design blogger at and enjoys karate and Latin dancing.

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