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Take HER Interior Design Style Quiz to Discover YOUR personal Interior Design Style

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Interior Design Style Quiz.

It’s true, your interior design style changes over the years just as much as your favorite flavor of ice cream or that go-to bottle of vino.

You know what we mean, in your 20’s you craved cookies and cream and Moscato; while the more mature 30’s moved you into the chunkiest of monkeys and a good glass of Riesling; but over 40, you’ll take nothing less than two scoops of pistachio and 6 oz glass of Pinot Noir.

Ahhh, pure bliss, right? And your interior design style follows the exact same pattern.

Many people ponder the question: What is MY interior design style? And there are just as many answers to that question as there are flavors of wine and ice cream.

The team at HER Home Design wants to help you discover your personal interior design style, so we developed a short, interactive quiz to help you figure it all out.












Here’s a hint: There’s NO right or wrong answer! So, don’t try to beat the system and don’t overthink the questions. Just select the first answer that comes to mind when you read the question and you’ll find out your ideal design style (which COULD be a combination of styles) and be on your way to designing your next spaces like a pro.

When you’re done, check out our blog post on Interior Design Styles 101 to learn more about your choice. You can even begin to shop the look or call the talented interior designers at HER Home Design to schedule a no-risk interior design consultation today.

Happy quizzing!

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