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What’s Your Home Decor Style?

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HER Home Decor Style


Discover your home decor style with the expert interior design team at HER Staging & Interiors!

Home decor style… Do you know yours?

It’s OK if you don’t…

And if you do, how do you know the style you liked last year will still work for you this year?

Many people struggle with picking a style that best fits their home. There a lot of factors to consider when trying to choose what pieces work best for your family’s environment.

How to choose your Home Decor StyleYou might ask yourself:

How will the new pieces fit with what I have now?

Will my budget be enough to cover everything I want AND everything I need?

How will new decor work with my kids? 

Will the new decor items be pet friendly?

Will I like the style I pick today in the next five to ten years?

Your interior design and home decor style changes over the years just as much as your favorite flavor of ice cream or that go-to bottle of vino.

You know what we mean, in your 20’s you craved cookies and cream and Moscato; while the more mature 30’s moved you into the chunkiest of monkeys and good glass of Riesling; but over 40, you’ll take nothing less than two scoops of pistachio and 6 oz glass of Pinot noir… Right. Now.

Ahhh, it’s pure bliss, right? 

Well, your interior design style follows the exact same pattern.

That’s why the team at HER Chic Home is SUPER excited to bring you our favorite interior design style quiz!

Put that ice cream and wine glass down and take HER interior design style quiz to find your interior design style. But first a few rules:

1) Don’t try to beat the system and overthink the questions

2) Select the first answer that comes to mind when you read it

3) Be open-minded!

Find out your ideal design style (which COULD be a combination of styles) and be on your way to designing your next spaces like a pro. 

When you’re done with the quiz, come SHOP with us for affordable home decor and home furnishings to help turn your house into a CHIC HOME!

Happy quizzing!

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Keianna Rae Harrison, a busy mother of two little guys age 4 and 6, leads the interior design team as a principal with HER Home Design LLC. A residential interior designer and home stager specializing in affordable interior design and home staging, Keianna Rae often says her interior design “superpower” is finding BEAUTIFUL home decor items at affordable prices. She enjoys making the world more beautiful one space at a time. Keianna Rae has a passion for real estate investing and revitalizing communities. In her spare time, she’s an interior design blogger at and enjoys karate and Latin dancing.

This article has 24 comments

  1. Gladys parker

    The quiz and I must have a lot to learn from each other. I am a very simple laid back person with few decorations or things of any kind. My idea of a decorated living room is a few pictures of my grandchildren. The biggest collection including my closet is their toys.

  2. Elizabeth

    I loved taking the Quiz. It was fun. I guess I am a mixture of all the options.

  3. Monica

    I took the quiz and got 36% Coastal and 36% Glam. I wouldn’t have guessed that but the more I think about it I like it(: Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jake Smith

    I took the quiz and I know for sure I’d get Coastal/Beachy/Tropical vibe interiror because that is what I intend to get and I love the outdoors, the beach and the mountains. Great quiz. Enjoyed it.

  5. Jessica

    The quiz was fun. I am 33% glam! I think I still have to find my style because I like a little bit of all of them!

    • Keianna Rae

      Thanks for taking the quiz Jessica! I’m a glam style, too! 🙂 I’m writing a post next week about how to mix design styles. You should come back and check it out.

  6. Ashley

    I got a little bit of everything with an emphasis on mid-century modern. That particular style isn’t my cup of tea, but my tastes ARE pretty eclectic!

  7. Jennifer Corter

    That quiz was fun! I got mid-century modern!

  8. Vidya Sudarsan

    Yay! I took your quiz and fall under my favorite style which is mid-century modern! I love this style so much and I’m a huge fan of the AMC’s Mad Men show 🙂

  9. Ada

    Such a fun quiz. I definitely got glam.

  10. Hope

    Evidently I’m equally rustic and industrial……but I love the beach! This is why my husband decorates, because I have no idea what I really like! lol
    I can see rustic being true though because I love to go on vacation to a cabin in the woods.

  11. Laura Vaughn

    It’s a really fun quiz and pretty accurate too.

  12. Ajay Chander R.

    It was very fun and loved the way you explained… i enjoyed it well.

  13. Jordan | Read. Eat. Repeat.

    I got Rustic/Glam ha ha. Sounds like I have interesting tastes, no?

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